Meet Our Leadership Team

Robert (Bobby) Lee Wiseman Jr

Founder & Executive Director

Good golly good day to you.  I thought I would take a moment to “introduce” myself to you so that hopefully you can obtain a better understanding of me, my passions, my drive and determination, and my faith path and journey.


I have had the wonderful pleasure of visiting many places around the globe.  In these respective travels, I have had the blessing of staying in the homes of community members, establishing programs in both developing and developed countries, as well as strong, authentic relationships with various people that I encountered since the earlies 1990’s.


I have been an advocate of change at both the individual and community level.  This change has never been easy due to the fact of different viewpoints, access and getting to a point of true collaboration.  I have taken personal concentrated efforts to work on both the inner and outer me.  I have taken steps to work on all of me – mentally, physically, and spiritually.  No, this has not been easy – but hey. what is?  Yes, there are some things that I am still working on and I will continue to be a work in progress.


I am a magnet for community, institutional and systematic change that incorporates divergent voices, ideological differences and challenges that yearn for robust, rough, and raw conversations.   No these are not easy in any way, shape, or form yet I value and respect that I am able to bring together and/or connect the people, game changers and general community at-large to promote real, effective change.


I love to cook.  Now, yes, I have a “few” things that are done by receipe however most are by sight, smell, and feel.  I cherish the times in the kitchen, listening to Mahalia Jackson, ol’ school Baptist FULL choirs, Sam Cooke, and classic R&B.  I love being able to create and craft that is specific to the person that transmits comfort, connection, and community.


I am one that values the intersections of faith (not just attending a physical building) yet true relationship, friends and community originated services and opportunities.  I love intergenerational conversations, connection and true conversation that yields the framework for mentorship, development, and true constructive communication.

This is just a snapshot of who I am. Oh yeah, forget to mention the ‘golden nuggets’

  • Favorite color: Cobalt Blue
    Favorite shows: I Love Lucy, Golden Girls, Boomerang, TCM, Cooking Channel and Food Network
  • Favorite location: Beach
  • Favorite sound: Rain
  • Where I would like to eventually retire: Some place in nature, with a CAT 5 connection

I hope that is gives more of an idea of the ‘me’ and look forward to hearing from you as it pertains to Potential of Ability, Incorporated, any of our current or future plans or have a suggestion please feel free to connect with me soon and very soon!

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