Welcome to Potential of Ability!

Time surely flies by. Can you believe it is September 2020 already??

First and foremost, I want to thank each one of you for taking the time to sign-up for updates from Potential of Ability, Incorporated (POA).

Some completely wonderful and awesome things have transpired for POA in the last few months. Here are some brief updates:

501c3 designation by the IRS effective May 5, 2020

Awarded a Ballmer Group Matching Grant for data, documentation management program

This comprehensive Data Management Solution will allow for the following:

  • 30% less time spent capturing data
  • 35% less time tracking service delivery and managing data
  • 40% less time spent on reporting

Submission of grants to various foundations, corporations

Prestamos CDFI, a division of Chicanos Por La Causa has provided and continues to provide invaluable technical and operational assistance. Shout out to Veronica and Niki!!

Awarded scholarship via Local First Arizona

This includes:

  • Access to critical digital resources
  • Ongoing education and consulting
  • Promotion of POA via local website and social media
  • Connections to financial assistance
  • Statewide advocacy efforts


You may be asking, “what is the mission and values of POA?” Well, that question has an answer!

Our Core Values

  • Spirituality & Faith – navigation through life acknowledging a connection to a higher power, essence which yields a compass, sail, and anchor for one’s interactions on a consistent basis with all human and our furry companions and Mother Earth. This journey equips one to be of true service to others exemplifying openness, non-judgement, transparency, and being respectful of all our differences and similarities.
  • ·Wisdom – having practical and educational experiences that yields insight, direction, and the ability to make more effective choices, decisions and actions which capitalize on the challenges and success of one’s past journey
  • Balance – the ability to find a harmonious flow amongst all the “things” which require and need one’s attention and action on a daily, if not hourly basis
  • Learning – the ability and willingness to step out of what is “known and comfortable” into exploration, inquiry and a true yearning for new ideas, perceptions, and concepts in a proactive, productive fashion
  • Meaningful Work – performance of duties, obligations, and expectations in a fair, just, and equitable manner with compassion, heart, collaboration, and an eye towards building for the overall achievement and success of the individual, team, and community

Our Mission

To empower, educate, and equip, youth and young adults (18 to 24) involved in the foster care system and/or those who have recently exited foster care, youth and young adults who are housing challenged, have educational challenges, and those youth and young adults who lack viable long-term stable, meaningful contributing employment. Services are not provided in a “cookie cutter” fashion yet specifically tailored to meet the participant where she/he/they are at the point and time of encounter.

Program participants are those who have the following criteria:

  1. identify from an ethnic group which is not in the majority in the greater Sacramento, CA area
  2. those that identify in the LGBTQIA communities of color
  3. those that have cognitive and/or physical disabilities from communities of color
  4. those youth and young adults that do not have the economic resources for safe viable housing, consistent food resources, and/or the ability to access such services successfully for a sustained period of time
  5. single parent/two parent LGBTQIA parents who are youth and/or young adults who have exited the foster care system or other systems of restorative justice.